Girl in Trunk

Low budget contained thriller
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Brianna has to outsmart her torturers, get back at her con-man fiancé, and escape from the trunk of a car all at the same time.

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Brianna McKinley hates working at the clinic but loves dating the suave Jack Toland. Jack arrives for tonight’s date completely broke. Brianna makes the dumbest mistake of her life when she agrees to be smuggled into a concert in the trunk of the car.

In just a few minutes the car is hit and Brianna is knocked out. She wakes up hours later, injured, dehydrated, alone. She cries out for help. No answer.

Then there are voices. Corporate security agents Henny and Lon search the car. Brianna thinks she is saved. 

But they don’t take her from the trunk.  Henny starts an interrogation.  Where is your boyfriend? And what has he done with our computer chip? 

Brianna’s boyfriend has secrets. Jack isn’t a college student; he’s a corporate spy who just double-crossed his employers.

Her torturers strip-search her, give her truth serums and laxatives, deny her food and water. Through it all Brianna manages to keep the chip safe and fights back, buying herself time to figure out what Jack was up to and with whom.  Enraged, her enemies fill the trunk of the car with smoke, and when Brianna still resists, with scorpions.

Her enemies make one serious mistake: they let her keep her handbag. Brianna turns a perfume sprayer and a lighter into an eye-scorching flame thrower. 

To escape Brianna has to figure out what Jack was up to and with whom, study her captors’ weak points and then pit her interrogators against each other. A tall order for a girl who turned twenty-one while locked in the trunk of a car left abandoned in a junkyard in the desert.

Turns out Jack isn’t dead, but kidnapped, but he manages to escape and get Brianna out.

But once Jack has the chip he pushes her back into the trunk and the car into the crusher.

writers Alison McMahan & John Leary
Alison & John with photo by Melanie Pullen

Now Brianna must fight her way out of the trunk before her Cadillac prison becomes her tomb.

The Writers

John Leary is the award winning screenwriter of The Roman Downsizing (Official Selection The Nevada Film Fest, Sky Fest VIII, Aliens to Zombies, and the Oaxaca Film Fest.), Neon Aztecs (Jacksonville and Oaxaca Film Fest.), and Girlfriend X (2014 Oaxaca Film Fest).   John has also written a produced script for the Saturday morning Fox series Eek! The Cat! and penned many reviews for the Rock and Roll Newspaper Good Times.  To see more of John's credits please go to

Alison McMahan chases footage for her documentaries through jungles in Honduras and Cambodia, favelas in Brazil and race tracks in the U.S.  Her most recent documentary, Bare Hands and Wooden Limbs, narrated by Sam Waterston, aired on BBC Scotland and is distributed by Shami Media. Her book, Alice Guy Blaché, Lost Visionary of the Cinema (Bloomsbury, 2002), about the first woman filmmaker, won two awards, was translated into Spanish, and adapted into a play in 2012. The film rights were purchased by the PIC agency for development into a documentary film, Be Natural, with Robert Redford as executive producer, and narration by Jodie Foster. McMahan lives in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

John Leary  & Alison McMahan, both Pro-Series alum, are an award-winning screenwriting team.Their scripts have won the Los Angeles Script and Film Festival Best Drama Award, Best Feature in Artistic Vision Category, Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition, Best Screenplay at the Famous Monsters Film Fest, NYLA International Film Festival, and a Bella Fe Films /Frame Forge Previz Development Scholarship. They've finaled in Writers on the Storm, Story Pro and Scritpoid Screenwriting Competitions, semi-finaled in the Final Draft, NexTV Writing and Pitch Awards, Slamdance screenwriting contest, the Scriptwriter's Network High Concept Screenplay Contest, and the 5th Annual StoryPros International Screenplay Contest. They won Third Prize in the Jacksonville Film Festival Screenwriting Competition, and were nominated for the CLAW award (Philadelphia Terror Film Festival). You can read more about their collaborative works at and

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