White Rum

Historical Drama
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Puerto Rico, 1917. Fernando, a poor Carib, invents a new white rum. He and the woman he loves are blocked from selling it by their new US Citizenship, Prohibition, and her brother, the island's biggest distiller.

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Puerto Rico, 1917.

Puerto Rico. She left a Spanish colony and came home to an American territory. 

Juliana Roldan, a Puerto Rican debutante, returns from finishing school in Madrid. Her brother Jose, Puerto Rico's biggest rum distiller, wants her to marry one of his cronies, but Juliana only has eyes for Fernando, the son of one of their Carib servants. While her brother fights Prohibition, she helps Fernando start his white rum business.

Puerto Rico. Spanish or American, doesn't matter; what matters is the land.

Fernando must lift his extended family out of poverty. His mother devises a formula for something new: white rum!  Now he just has to brew it, sell it, evade the US Army recruiters, and try to ignore the way his heart pounds every time he sees Juliana Roldan. Because even in this brave new Puerto Rico, white rum and dark rum don't mix.

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