Memesis - Movies & Images

Bird Bot Encounter  (Total Running Time: 4sec)

The Bird-bot is your guide through Memesis. An artificially intelligent character that knows more about you than anyone should. The question is, can you trust it?

Memesis Construction  (Total Running Time: 40sec)

Scenes for Memesis were first storyboarded and designed on paper, then models were built in Maya before being converted to OpenGL models. This clip shows an early test of the first Memesis landscape the user sees.

Claustrophobia  (Total Running Time: 1min 3sec)

Memesis works by providing the user with experiences designed to induce phobias and basic psychological fears. This Maya clip is from the claustrophia/humiliation scene.

Haunted Mansion  (Total Running Time: 1min 27sec)

After some initial "testing" experiences the user is teleported to a final experience based on his or her biofeedback indications. This movie, a recording of one person's experience of the CAVE version of Memesis, is from the final scenario where the user finds him or herself included in a ghostly wedding.

Memesis Demonstration  (Total Running Time: 15min 44sec)

A walk through of the CAVE version of Memesis as it looked in December 2003.