Alison McMahan & John Leary hired to collaborate on sci-fi vampire movie

Remember that call I recieved from a producer interested in optioning Girl in Trunk?

That option came really close to happening, but then didn't.

However, John T. Sweeney of Armada Studios liked our writing so much that he asked us to work on another script he has in development. So now John Leary and I have joined the production team of The Thirst, a vampire sci-fi movie in development at Armada Studios, and will receive a co-writer credit.

Sweeney is currently producing The Bloodfest Club, a comic-horror parody of The Breakfast Club.

Here is the logline for the film:

The Thirst

Sci-fi Vampire

story by John T. Sweeney, screenplay by John T. Sweeney, Alison McMahan and John Leary

100 years in the future only Vampires roam the earth. They built an empire, and squandered their only resource; man. Now, most of these immortal beings live out eternity in an abject state of unquenchable thirst, while a few cling to some pathetic remains. This is the story of the rise and fall of an empire, and lessons not learned.

You can read a more detailed synopsis of The Thirst here.

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