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About Homunculus Productions

The word "homunculus" refers to a functioning system thought to be run by a "little man" that lives inside it. Such a system includes human beings, as some inner entity or agent is somehow assumed to be in our brains, making things run. One example of this was Descartes' use of the homunculus to resolve his theory of dualism, that the soul and the body are two completely separate entities. He posited a "little man" behind the eye to process visual stimuli. Of course, this immediately raises the question of who is behind the "little man's" eyes - another little man (or a little woman)? And so on, ad infinitum.

Homunculus Productions, LLC, produces training films, industrials, PSAs, documentaries, and occasionally, fiction films. We are the homunculus that translates the world from your eyes to your brain.

About Alison McMahan

Alison McMahan, President, Homunculus Productions, is a filmmaker and award-winning screenwriter. She has over twenty years of experience in film production, both in the U.S. and abroad. From 2001-2003 she held a Mellon Fellowship in Visual Culture at Vassar College where she built a virtual reality environment with a biofeedback interface for CAVEs.  Read more »

News & Updates

posted on Jul 17 2014 - 5:55am by alison

I've written a guest blog for Erin Enberg on the film Edge of Tomorrow and the book it was based on, All You Need is Kill.Here is a taste of it:

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posted on Nov 19 2013 - 3:38pm by alison

On November 9th I gave a workshop on book trailers for the Florida Romance Writers, my local RWA chapter. The workshop was an updated version of the workshop Mary Burns and I gave at the Historical Novel Society Conference in St. Petersburg in June.


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posted on Aug 26 2013 - 9:22am by alison

The Kickstarter Campaign for Be Natural is successful!  Pamela Green and Jarik van Sluijs of the PIC Agency, who optioned my book, Alice Guy Blaché:Lost Visionary of the Cinema, with the goal of making a documentary film, now have the funds they need to get the film to the rough cut stage.

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