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He used to be a mechanic working out of his own garage in Indianapolis, driving a limo on the side to feed his family. Now he's the fastest man in the world - the designer and test driver of the Maxximus G-force, a street-legal car that just broke not one but three world records: 0-60 mph (2.134 seconds); 0-100 mph (4.451 seconds); and the mother of all supercar metrics, the 0-100-0 mph mark of 8.861 seconds.

How did a wrestler-turned-car-mechanic from Indianapolis get to be the fastest man in the world?

Completely self-taught, Kirby had a few ideas about why the usual techniques for making stock cars go voom don't work so good. He started Maxximus Technologies in 2000, in Indianapolis, and for a few years worked on other people's cars. But to really test his ideas he needed more time and money.

It was while working as a chauffeur that he met David B. McMahan, another speed fanatic.

McMahan dreamed of owning a one-of-a-kind car that was unique, street legal, and a record breaker. In the course of that fateful limo ride he agreed to finance the building and design of the G-Force, the first car Kirby would design completely from scratch.

This film is the story of the dream, the car, the challenges and setbacks, the record breaking runs, and the relationship between these two dreamers, mesmerized by their love of cars that go voom, vroom, vrrooooooooooom.

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