Miv EvansMiv Evans


It's one of those moment every screenwriter waits for: my phone rang. A number from the 310 area code. A producer who had read one of our scripts, Girl in Trunk, and wanted to talk about an option. 

In less than two months I'll be taking part in the famed Viable Paradise writing workshop. The workshop takes place in Martha's Vineyard, the island off the coast of Massachusetts. It will be my fourth trip to island.


My sci fi thriller screenplay, Imprinted, has earned me one of five spots in the coveted Good to Go event at the Female Eye Film Festival

Good to Goers get to pitch our projects -- the winning project and anything else we bring to pitch -- to a roster of producers. 

The event takes place in Toronto in June, but has already inspired me to do a polish. Now all I have to do is hold my breath until then.

Last weekend saw the inauguration of the first Moving Image Xchange International Short Film Festival (The Mix). My short screenplay, Sister Secrets, was one of 12 finalist screenplays, so I decided to attend. The festival screened 39 short films at the lovely Byrd Theatre in Richmond, VA.

Homunculus Productions has optioned the poem The Wanderer King, from the book of collected poems of the same title written by Ted Deppe. McMahan plans to adapt the poem into a screenplay, a supernatural thriller with the working title Risk Everything.